Extend the scope of the supermarkets watchdog

Traidcraft Exchange supporters campaigned long and hard for a supermarkets watchdog to police the buying practices of powerful UK supermarkets.

As a result, the watchdog - officially known as the Groceries Code Adjudicator - was set up in 2013. It has been able to investigate and fine supermarkets for unfair practices - like changing an order at the last minute, failing to pay invoices on time or asking suppliers for unexplained payments. 

But at the moment the Adjudicator can only look at deals between supermarkets and their direct suppliers. It doesn't cover indirect suppliers further down the supply chain. And that is where many of the real problems for farmers and food suppliers lie.

The government is considering whether to extend the scope of the watchdog to include indirect suppliers right now. Please send an email to Margot James MP, the minister responsible, to tell her why you think this is important.

We've written an email for you to send below, but it will be much stronger if you change it to include the reasons why you support this campaign.

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